The Origin of Soccer

Association football, otherwise called just football or simply soccer, is an inter-collegiate team sport usually played between two groups of eleven players each. It’s the most popular sport in the world, playing on an oval field usually outside, and is played throughout many countries and all over the world. It has also developed in different countries into their own individual sports in different countries, such as in Brazil, Argentina, Canada and in the United States. The most common game played is football, but there are also rugby, tennis, baseball and other games. In general, this game is played for fun between the players; often with a bit of glitz thrown in for good effect.


The rules of football are fairly simple. Each team has fifteen players on each side of the rectangular field that will form the attacking and defensive sides. The sides are not considered “down” until the whistle blows to signify that the ball has crossed the goal lines. Once the ball crosses the goal line, the defenders must try to kick the ball into the opponents’ goal using any object they can find, though this varies depending on the country of the competition.

Each team consists of eleven players. Some groups consist of three teams, others of five or six. Most commonly, teams are made up of eleven players, though in tournaments other groups may be used, including two teams of nine and three of ten players each. The game is often played on an oval field.

Like most sports, football is played at different times of the day in different countries. However, in the United States, soccer has gained much popularity since the Americans started playing the game during the late nineteenth century. Today, there are hundreds of soccer clubs and teams around the country, including professional leagues. The game of football is played between two teams with each team consisting of eleven players.

Although football is played between two teams, the game also has another form called Association Football. Association football is played between teams of similar size and strength who engage in regular games with the use of aluminum pitches which are similar to that of baseball diamonds. In international tournaments, a tournament is held, and the winners of the tournament often represent the country that they play in. Some nations, such as England, have won the most Olympic gold medals in the history of the sport, while other nations have placed second or third.

Although the history of soccer has similarities to that of Association Football, there are differences. For example, in Association Football, the game is usually played with two ten-minute halves, whereas in soccer, a full 90 minutes are usually played. Soccer is played in different countries all over the world, while association football is usually played between English clubs.