All About the MOT Of UK

MOTOGP or Motorcycle Motocross is a racing classification used in the World Touring Car Championship. There are two classes for motorcycles which are classified as Motocross and Street-Racing bikes. Grand Prix motorcycle race is the main class of motorcycle street racing events held on public road tracks officially sanctioned by the FÉdÉration Internationale de Motocligem. In addition, there is another class which is called Testamore which is for prototypes. In general, all four classes of Grand Prix motorcycle races are differentiated by the type of bike that they are based on.


As stated earlier, there are two main classes for four-stroke racing motorcycles which are categorized as Superstock motocross, Superbike motocross and Superabundance four-stroke. Motocross is a racing category for motorcycles that uses larger engines with displacement levels from thirteen to sixteen cylinders. The top speed of these superbikes is around eighty miles per hour. This category includes the all-weather bikes such as the BMW E3, Honda NSX and Nissan GT-S and the street bikes such as Yamaha YZF and Kawasaki Ninja.

On the other hand, Superbike is a racing category for bikes with displacement levels up to two hundred cc. It is used for professional use by professional motorcycle racers such as those who compete in the GP racing championship. The GP means Grand Prix and Superbike is used for amateur purposes such as track day racing. The bikes commonly used in this class are the BMW S1000i, Honda CBR 1000 and Kawasaki Ninja.

For motogp classifications, the fuel capacity is restricted to 6.5 gallons for singles, six gallon tanks for doubles and seven gallons for triples. There is also a fifth optional motor for shorter trips, which has a capacity of 5.7 gallons but this particular motor is not used in regular races. If you choose to have this fifth optional engine it will have to be of the smaller capacity so it can be added to your existing motor very easily.

The second type of classifications used in MOTOGP is the High Performance category for bikes which are over one thousand cc and have either single or double cylinder petrol engines. This category includes the Yamahaurgen and KTM models and is restricted to those tracks that are approved by the European Touring Car Championship. The tyres in this category have to have a minimum weight of fifteen hundred grams. This is just for the tyres and not the motor so the bikes will still need to meet the other requirements for taking part in the MOT. This category of bikes that are entered in the MOTOGP season have to have a fuel efficiency rating of at least fifteen hundred cc.

The last type of category is the Intermediate Capacity class for cars. These are cars which either have less than one thousand cc engines or more than twenty thousand cc engines but are less than five litres in length. These cars need to have an annual fuel capacity of less than twenty thousand litres. So if you are looking for a car that fits into any of these categories you can expect it to have a higher MOT than all of the others. So if you are looking for a car for the MOT you need to be certain that it falls into one of the classes described above.