Yamaha Motocross Bikes and Tires – MOTGRP and Tires Considered

The Motorcycle Motocross Games category has grown in popularity over the years. It was established as an international motocross racing event to be held annually in various countries. Grand Prix motorcycle racing is currently the premier category of motorcycle street racing events held over road tracks officially sanctioned by the FÉdÉration Internationale de Motocrosse. In the United States, there are over ten organizations staging Grand Prix motorcycle rallies across the country. This year saw the return of the world-famous Milwaukee MOTOCROLS to the race scene after a fifteen-year absence. The game has been made available for download on several gaming sites and you can now follow the live action from any PC or mobile device.


The game is the brainchild of two men: Bryanston Chase and Mike Webster. They began working together in 1985 and their idea was to build an advanced racing car using cutting edge motocross technology. Their first project was a 250cc displacement motorcycle that was not successful. Their next project was a race bike using the new GP racing specifications. Their third project transformed the concept into a real functioning and successful motorcycle. Their latest creation is a new design for a new high-performance superbike – the Yamaha Motoscope GP.

The new Yamaha motor uses a carbon fibre monocoque (the material that makes up the engine) which has been modified for higher performance. This has increased the strength of the engine and extended the lifetime of the engine and tyres. Yamaha have also added two smaller titanium spines to the front of the motorbike to improve aerodynamics and reduce weight by 50% over its predecessor. The suspension system has also been reworked and optimized for higher performance, using double V-belts at the front and rear of the bike for maximum strength and stiffness.

The new GPcc two-stroke engines are derived from the CC two-stroke, but with some minor modifications. Yamaha claims greater power, reduced emissions and better performance from their new four-stroke engines. The result is an increased top speed, greater torque and improved acceleration. The new Yamaha engines have two primary cams, each contributing towards the efficiency of the engine.

Yamaha did not win the world championship title with their first attempt, however they have since achieved three more world championship victories. They have also won the other major motorcycle racing event, the Isle of Man. So far this year, Yamaha has claimed a total of seven world championships, the most of any single manufacturer. They have beaten their opponents fairly convincingly, taking them to the brink at the final round in Mexico. Many experts believe that the increase in performance has come about through the use of high quality parts.

It seems to be the case with many top-level riders that types play a crucial role in the success of their bikes. They choose tyres that suit their style and the terrain they ride on, and that enable them to avoid costly tyres for off-road trails and highway work. It is said that tyres offer the motorcyclist as much as a 50% performance improvement over traditional ‘pink’ tyres. It is a common misconception that only high performance tyres perform well on powerful motorcycles, when in fact it is possible to obtain both benefits and disadvantages. It is usually the trade-off between economy and performance.