What Are Motocross Parts?

MOTOGP stands for Motor Transporters Of Sound And Light. In the past, this title has been used to describe motorcycle trainers, not race bikes. Since the birth of the modern motorcycle club, however, the term has evolved and has become a more general description for all kinds of motorcycle accessories and parts. Grand Prix bike racing is currently the premier category of motorcycle track racing events currently held on road courses designated by the F├ędience Internationale de Motocross des L’Auto. As the name suggests, MOTOGP tests the mettle of each motorcyclist by allowing them to complete a variety of obstacles that include hairpin turns, jumps and chicanes.


Each race distance has several different sections, and some of these include sprints, which feature several different bikes all attempting to break the overall fastest time. Another distinction between classes of events is the class of motorcyclist that is entered in the race. There are categories for regular bikes and there are categories for modified motorcycles and racing bikes. Riders that are considered “regular” riders are usually allowed to compete, but they must register and pay the corresponding entry fee.

Classifications for the MOT include several different classifications depending on the type of motorcycle that is entering. The first category for motorcycles entering the sport is for “standard bikes”. These bikes are usually available in different sizes with different capacities. Some of these bikes may have additional features such as longer top tube, a longer foot forward wheel, shorter wheelbase, etc. Other characteristics such as engines, transmission and engines sizes may also change according to the type of class.

The second category is for “motorcycle cars”. Usually referred to as “four-cylinder motogp bikes”, these are the most common models that are seen in Motocross events. The classification includes all four-cylinder engines, which have varying displacement and compression ratios. As with the standard class, there are various categories for this class including low-performance, high-performance and street legal.

Another class for motorcycles that can be entered in Motocross events is the “Modified” category. This category includes bikes with increased suspensions and lower ground clearance. Some of these bikes may have new front and rear shocks, struts, custom bodywork and more. Some modifications may include increased or decreased ground clearance by adjusting the bike’s suspension or by adding a shock absorber, which helps when the tires are under pressure. A new or modified seat may also be added. All modifications must be approved by the Motorcycle Grand Prix Association (M GPA).

The third category is for ” Modified “crock pots”, which are used on many motor bikes. The main purpose of these is to support a longer crankcase that helps increase ground clearance. The crankcase is lengthened by inserting tubes through the airbox and onto the frame. These tubes must be fitted according to the regulations set out by the MOTOGP.