Types of Football Field Positions

Association football, also called simply football, is a common team game played by a ball shaped entity between two teams of eleven players. It’s played by over 250 million people in more than 200 nations and dependencies, making it by far the most popular sport worldwide. Football is a very interesting game, because it combines aspects of many other games, and combines them into one exciting game. The different sets of rules and requirements of football make it an interesting game to watch, and a challenging game to play.


The game of football is traditionally played between two teams, each team trying to score more points than the other team. Each side has five players on each side of the field, and the goal is to take the football across the center of the playing field via either the feet, the legs, or the kicking foot. Unlike some games where there are referees to call offside, in football there is no official penalty for being offside, so teams often use illegal formations and motions to try to win the football. A foul against the defense can result in a turnover, a loss of yards, and even a penalty kick or an indirect kick.

The game of football is very different from traditional American football, and the rules of the game often differ depending on the type of football being played. In general, a play is started when a player touches the ball with his feet. However, this definition is very broad and there are many variations. Each side is allowed to take three attempts to touch the ball, but during the main article you will see that the offense is allowed three simultaneous touches of the ball.

Throughout history, the formation used by the offense has varied quite a bit. Although the basic set up is the same, the ways that the offense and defense line work differently vary. For example, in modern football the offense starts out by utilizing a shotgun formation. The quarterback will line up in the middle of the field, either in front of the line of scrimmage, or behind it.

Once the ball carrier passes the middle of the offensive line, the two outside blockers (guards) will block down by the side, and the center will pull across to the inside. The running back will then line up behind the quarterback, or behind one of the two offensive tackles. If the running back is a wide receiver, he will usually line up between the left tackle and the tight end. If he is a quarterback, he will usually line up between the right tackle and the running back.

Occasionally, the offense will run the ball into the middle of the field. This is called a short toss, and most teams begin their drills with the offense positioned in the shotgun. Usually the team will line up in one of the four wide receiver positions. They will also line up in the two nickel positions, which are outside or inside of the numbers on the field. There are different formations used in the passing game of football. The quarterback will read the defenders and players on the field, depending on the down and distance, before deciding how he will throw the ball.