Motocross – What Is Its Deal?


Motocross – What Is Its Deal?

MotoGP, also known as the GP racing championship, is one of the most famous and widely watched motor sports in the world. This grand Prix sport is held across different countries in Europe, Asia and America. This spectacular event attracts a large number of motorcyclists who love to participate in a spectacular race. This major sport attracts various categories of racers including professionals, amateur racers, youngsters and others.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is currently the premier category of motor racing events held over road tracks sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Auto Motorbike racing. The term “motocross” derives from the French word “moto,” which means “motion.” As its name suggests, this category of racing includes racing with four-stroke motorcycles, bikes having single or two-stroke engines. This category of motocross was first organized in Japan in 1997 with the participation of Honda motorcycles. Since its inception, numerous other manufacturers have joined the fray and today there are numerous four-stroke and two-stroke motorcycles available in the market.

In the history of GP racing, many great names have come and gone. Names like BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki have won some of the major titles. With the advent of new generation four-stroke and two-stroke machines, these titans have mounted an all-out effort to keep their historic crown. These manufacturers are using cutting edge technologies to bring about dramatic changes in the GP racing scene. Some of the major features of these new machines are: faster speeds, greater agility, superior high speed performance, more powerful engines and a compact weight structure.

For riders, it is all about the MOT. Before the MOT begins, a complete inspection of the motorcycle has to be carried out by all team officials and approved by the Automobile Club International (ACI). A list of the modifications that have been made has to be given to the official before the MOT begins. The modifications are then inspected by the authorized motorcycle road Racing Organization (MOTOGP) inspector who is a professional from the MOTOGP. Any non compliance check will result in immediate disqualification from the race.

Today’s four-stroke and two-stroke engines offer more power, more torque and more speed than ever before. The manufacturers are adopting advanced fuel specifications for these modern four-stroke and two-stroke engines. They are also introducing superchargers to boost the extra power of their new models. These are some of the features that have drawn the attention of the leading manufacturers who are using these to surpass their opponents.

Even though it may look like the end of the world for a sport such as GP racing, it has actually become more popular than ever with many of the countries top motor sports teams. GP racing at its highest level is not restricted to any one form of motorbike. There are several different classes of class B and class C bikes for the different types of machinery that is used for those races. In addition there are several different classifications for the intermediate class. The idea behind MOTOGP was to provide a clear standard of what is required for a bike to be competitive so that there would be a level playing field for the different types of machinery that was available to be used in races.