Studies and Surveys

Smart businesses have always embraced data-driven decision-making. The problem has always been the expense of conducting in-the-field research. Now, drive your dollar further with competitive alternatives from Prithvi Catalytic.

We help clients collect meaningful data directly from their target market, with flawless execution of your research initiatives and programs. We ramp up and manage qualified teams nation-wide, offering a range of solutions within a turn-key, plug-and-play framework. Our Studies and Surveys services constitute a unique offering with a proven track record in single or multi-market projects, working with qualitative and/or quantitative data.

  • Time and motion studies
  • Exit surveys
  • Polling
  • Questionnaires

Local, Regional, Nation-wide Coordinated Field Management

Whether the 'site' is a nation-wide chain of stores, multi-city street spots, tradeshow booth, or your own lobby, we offer experienced management of deployed staff to ensure the effectiveness of the program and quality of the data. Our field management services include:

  • Site setup, optimization, and technical support
  • Sourcing, screening, and instruction of field staff
  • Scheduling and management of field staff in compliance with local and federal regulations
  • Oversight and coordination of project artifacts
  • Onsite quality control
  • Progress reporting
  • Administration of participant incentives

Additional Services

Prithvi Catalytic offers a comprehensive suite of additional services that leverage our global operations and data analytics group for exceptional value:

  • Manual data entry: cost-effective migration of paper-based data to digital form
  • Statistical analysis: determination of the sampling error; interpretations and recommendations based on statistical principles
  • Algorithm creation
  • Custom application development: smart, secure tools for large-scale projects

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